Muse Neurofeedback

Colorado Restorative Acupuncture is introducing meditation training that utilizes a small, portable EEG (electroencephalogram) device and software developed by Muse. This new technology can greatly enhance and accelerate one’s ability to meditate.

   Meditation is a practice that can be very time consuming and requires diligence to master, but it results in a wide range of benefits, from enhanced focus, to creativity and overall mental well being. Neurofeedback works for both the meditation novice or expert, greatly improving the experience. When learning and mastering something new, including meditation, the brain feverishly searches for the most effective brain frequencies in order achieve this task. With neurofeedback, your brain is given real time, objective feedback on it’s efficiency. With Muse, you hear audible feedback to help you guide your thoughts and energy.  The experience is a bit like playing “You’re getting hotter/colder,” like you did when you were a kid. Compare the time it would take you to randomly search your house for a hidden object, verses finding it while someone was telling you “You’re getting warmer,” or “You’re getting colder.” You can achieve the goal of finding that object at least 80% faster if you receive feedback, than if you were just randomly searching. Neurofeedback works the exact same way: by giving you an audible cue, steering you to the correct brain frequencies for optimum focus during meditation.

We are offering neurofeedback sessions in a variety of different options:

  1. You may use Muse neurofeedback in combination to your acupuncture sessions for increased focus and efficacy.
  2. Take the device home for a regimented 4 or 6 week program.
  3. Purchase your own personal device, here in the office.


The benefits of a well trained meditation practice are endless. Increased focus, creativity, and well being are just the tip of the iceberg. The list is so extensive that we are offering a free 30-minute consultation to further explain the benefits, and to see if Muse Neurofeedback is the right path for you.


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For more information about how Muse works:

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